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Archaeology of domestic life in early 20th century Britain

The aim of this blog is to publish data on early 20th century buildings, whilst this is still accessible. Much material of interest to the historian is being destroyed through 'home improvements' and DIY, and objects are increasingly being divorced from their context through dispersal after the death of their owners. By creating an easily accessible contextual record of material culture, it is hoped that those interested in this period of history may have a resource through which the details of domestic life might be studied.

If you have any artefacts of interest, or make discoveries during the process of your own investigations that you would like to share, please contact me!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

IWM exhibition

Britons at War: 1938

14 January 201218 March 2012

Drop in 11am-12.30pm & 2pm-4pm

In this informal session visitors are encouraged to consider the fear felt by Britons before war even broke out. While many of us know about the evacuation of children from major towns and cities, there were also plans to move the Civil Service to safety. This engaging session explores the motivations and preparations involved. As well as discussing the topic with experts, visitors will have the chance to examine genuine objects relating to the topic.

14 and 15 January
18 and 19 February
17 and 18 March


Free Entry, included in general admission price. Suitable for all ages with parental supervision.

Suitable for: All ages

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